Team Puddles

puddles-carquinezThe only way this boat could be any better looking is if it was plastered with sponsor logos- NASCAR style.

WITHDRAWN FROM STAGE 1- Port Townsend to Victoria

Team Name: Puddles

Team Captain: Rick Thompson

Total on crew: 1

Vessel of choice: Welsford Walkabout

Despite a name that reminds us of an matronly duck from a children’s book, Team Puddles…nope, sorry it’s hard to make it sound tough/cool/prepared. Seriously, try saying “Team Puddles” in a monster truck voice- completely ridiculous. Let’s try initials: TP has extensive …no, not any better. Wait- Rick!

We’ll go with Rick.

Rick has a good bit of experience, an appetite for adventure, and the strongest drive for accomplishment ever created: he wants to impress a girl; his wife actually so don’t go starting rumors. Rick would like to shout out to his sponsor (who’s name sounds GREAT in a monster truck voice): Juggernaut Defense who make ruggedized enclosures for smart devices (and potentially animated ducks). Website

Update: Rick has a new sponsor: Duckworks Boat Builder Supply To make a joke about Team Puddles signing up a sponsor with the word “duck” in their name is too obvious to be any fun, but we welcome you to marvel and laugh anyway.