OUT – Team CaROWline

STAGE 1: Port Townsend to Victoria

Team name: Team CaROWline (get it?)

Team captain: Caroline Kreuziger

Total crew: 1

Race vessel: 18′ Angus expedition rower

Your initial ascent climbing lead, the first skydive without an instructor to pull your cord, the first time you wear your big girl pants to school. There are life moments when you cast aside the safety of the known and swallow the mantle of responsibility, uncertainty, and growth. For Team CaROWline the row to Victoria appears to be one of those moments of stomach churning exhilaration. A year and a half ago she discovered her new sport of rowing and has trained under others, emulated the rowing style and vessel choices of the experienced and proven, and gained ability one bead of sweat at a time.

On June 4th she’ll be stepping to the edge of the nest and looking down into her own resiliency, skill, and preparation and attempting to solo row the full 40 miles. Impressive stuff, and not just the rowing.

Caroline gets our respect for having the courage to put it on the line- staring challenge in the eye and with all she’s got declaring to the world (but just loud enough for her to hear):

“I got this.”

Welcome aboard Team CaROWline- may your chute open and your pants be dry.