OUT – Team Bengal Taxi

team-bengal-taxi-300x225Stage 1: Port Townsend to Victoria

Team name: Team Bengal Taxi

Team captain: David Reid

Additional crew: Pat Gallagher

We live in fast times. A normal day in our world could involve getting on a plane on the east coast, order a G&T from the stewardess then hopping online and ordering some produce delivered to your west coast doorstep so you can make a salad for when you get home. Imagine the pioneers on wagons or sailing around the horn to do the same route. It would take them a year to get to the west coast and then another year to grow a salad. Two years, for a West Coast salad. (We have no idea how long the Gin and Tonic would take). In this age of innovation and speed Team Bengal Taxi rolled back the clock and started a business delivering produce not by internet or airplane, but by engineless sailboat. Why?

Well, on one hand it’s it slower, but on the other it’s less profitable, so there’s tradeoffs…

While we might not want to spend that much time in a boat full of kale, the spirit of their quest is 100% shade grown R2AK.

Welcome aboard.