OUT – Team An Aussie, a Canadian, and…


Stage 1: Port Townsend to Victoria

Team name: Team An Aussie, a Canadian, and…

Team members: Tyson Lehmann and Shawn Campbell

Race vessel: 24ft Mako Millennium double ocean racing ski

An Aussie, a Canadian, and…
Was it an American? Did they walk into a bar? What happened?
We found it impossible to read their team name and not search the internet and barroom experts as to how the rest of that joke goes. Finding none, we made up a few of our own. Here are the punchlines:


    • It would be syrup, but that’s not a maple tree.


    • Beaver, wallaby, or back bacon it’s all the same to me.


    • …and that’s why you never actually smuggle budgies in your budgie smuggler.

Their boat is slightly more than a punchline: a paddle powered rocket that looks more like a needle than a boat and will have the sailors on the starting line marvelling how well it does to windward. Adding to all that this commonwealth consortium have tempered their mettle in the deadly macro fauna of the southern oceans, the hypothermic embrace of the north Pacific, the rigor of military service, instructing for Outward Bound, and 1,000s of miles of paddling the Canadian north.

Attempting to welcome these two to the R2AK in both dialects simultaneously: G’day, g’night, and g’luck oot there.