All your favorite moments from 2015’s inaugural running of Race to Alaska!

2015 June 20 – Summer camp is over

RACE UPDATE The end of epic adventures are weird, unsatisfying. The beginnings are excitement itself – the lightning bolt of clarity that selects one idea from an infinite inventory of possibilities and transforms it into a path. Then preparation, so much preparation. Months of anticipation channeled into route planning, drying food, buying gear, packing gear,…

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2015 June 13 – Eye of the tiger

RACE UPDATE On a boat at sea you are completely insignificant. Think of the forces involved. The liquid that makes up over 75% of the earth’s surface and a fair amount of our atmosphere isn’t just an impossibly large thing compared to a boat, but it’s an impossibly large thing that is affected by even…

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2015 June 6 – Stage 1 Summary

RACE UPDATE June 6 Stage 1- We’ve seen what the starting line would look like in our heads for months and the actual start was every bit as improbable, stirring, celebratory and bad ass as we imagined. Hundreds of onlookers waded through a R2AK related traffic jam to cheer the 53 teams across the starting…

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