2015 June 24 – Our best boring day


It’s a slow news day in terms of info we have on the boats still making miles to the north. The reason isn’t that their stories aren’t worth reporting on, but mostly because the best day at sea is a boring one. A day when nothing happens worth mentioning is a day where you executed flawlessly. No heroics, no injury to body or boat, you made a plan and it worked. Flawless, boring and excruciating. The remaining teams have their heads down, making steady miles in passages that lack the flair for the reckless and dramatic as some of the race’s earlier heroes. The remaining five are heroes too. We like these teams, a lot. They are going to be a-ok and not rack up the bills for PTSD-style recovery therapy for pushing the limits when Neptune was watching. These folks are in it for the long, well-executed, boring haul. We love boring, you should too.

We were anticipating Team Excellent Adventure arriving in Ketchikan today so we would have some juicy post-race hilarity to offer up to you, the hyena hordes of R2AK news. Instead Bill and Ted waited out the Dixon Entrance gale warnings with another day in Prince Rupert, posting pictures of their cold beer camaraderie with Team Mau rather than risking it all to get in 24 hours earlier. Bo-ring!

Teams Mike’s Kayak, Barefoot Wooden Boats and Boatyard Boys all seem to be pulling over when it even starts to get dark so they can eat food, enjoy the scenery and not get run over by a tugboat? Are they trying hard to be that boring or where they just collectively born uninteresting? Boring as a cross country trip on a Greyhound.

Or what about Team John who is packing it in at Bella Bella, and instead of doing a vision quest, sleepless night, hallucination paddle that risks life and limb decides to find a beach and camp for the night. BORED! So bored, like middle school girl talking to anyone bored.

Team Mau is heading south in a pickup rather than a soaked to the bone 700 mile return trip on the Nacra 570 without sleeping bags? That makes so much sense that it is boring. Super boring! Like Barbara Walters reciting the numbers in Pi until you fall asleep boring.

While it might not get the hits on the website and make our sponsors happy, these blessedly boring souls are doing the right thing, and the rest of us will just have to be ok with that. We’ll catch up with you tomorrow, hopefully someone will do something that is just this side of tragic and dumb enough for us to write about. Until then, may your boredom be intentional.